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Uniroyal Winter Tyres

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The ideal Uniroyal winter tyres for your car

Specially designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions all winter long, Uniroyal winter tyres are a cut above the rest. They record incredible performance on ice, rain and snowy conditions, making your travel seamless even when the roads are covered with snow and ice. You can buy these tyres as well as specialty tyres like lawn mower tyres and ATV/Quad tyres at www.tyres-guru.co.uk.

Popular Uniroyal winter tyres

Here are some of most popular Uniroyal tyres among motorists in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe:

  • Uniroyal MS Plus 77 155/70 R13 75 T
  • Uniroyal MS Plus 77 155/65 R14 75 T
  • Uniroyal MS Plus 77 175/70 R13 82 T
  • Uniroyal MS Plus 77 175/65 R14 82 T
  • Uniroyal MS Plus 77 175/70 R14 84 T
  • Uniroyal MS Plus 77 185/60 R15 84 T

These Uniroyal tyres, designed for the winter, can withstand very cold weather, making them capable of attaining their optimal performance on both wet and dry surfaces. They are made using a soft rubber compound that improves their grip on the road surface, especially during those cold winter months. All the Uniroyal tyres you find at Tyres Guru are high quality, genuine tyres from the manufacturer. The site also stocks other products, like snow chains, aluminium wheels and motor oils.

Features and characteristics of winter Uniroyal tyres

Some of the characteristics that make Uniroyal tyres a cut above the rest include:

  • Their tiny grooves that firmly bite into ice, sludge and snow and dispenses water at a very fast rate to improve traction.
  • Their deep tread patterns that gather and hold ice and snow to improve their grip as well as better disperse water to reduce the probability of the occurrence of hydroplaning.
  • Their flexibility that increases their safety level, especially as the temperatures drop to below zero.
  • Their unmatched wear resistance that makes them extremely long lasting and reduces their fuel consumption.

You can buy the finest quality Uniroyal winter tyres and enjoy the winter without the usual inhibitions of harsh weather conditions common in winter months. Tyres Guru also stocks snow chains for those emergency moments when you or a friend could need some extra help navigating some tough, snowy terrain.