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Continental Winter tyres

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Continental winter tyres for the tyre connoisseur.

Continental was founded in 1871 in the German city of Hanover. In the early years of rubber tyres, they were one of the driving forces for innovation in the industry, and they have maintained that pioneering status throughout their history. The Continental Group has incorporated several of the most prominent tyre brands in the world, which means Continental has a finger in many pies. The Continental winter tyres produce combine a number of sophisticated design features that deliver superior performance and the versatility that is required of a quality winter tyre.

Continental winter tyres that deserve your attention:

The WinterContact TS 860 S is a winter tyre that reaps the benefits of the German ingenuity behind it. You get fantastic snow performance, with award-winning braking that will ensure you feel safe and comfortable driving in all winter conditions. The dry handling and steering precision are its strongest feature, but the wet performance will keep you on track when the rain starts to fall. The tyre comes in sizes suitable for passenger cars and SUVs, giving drivers a pleasurable journey throughout the cold months.

The ContiWinterContact TS 850P is another great choice, especially for SUV drivers. Every detail is carefully tuned for superb performance. Braking is responsive and precise even on snow, ice or water. The stability holds up in all conditions too, meaning handling and cornering are optimised, and ride comfort is maximised for your driving pleasure. You also get plenty of miles to the gallon, thanks to the low rolling resistance, so fuel efficiency is guaranteed.

Innovative Continental winter tyres technologies:

  • ContiSilent – the noise-reducing technology that keeps you driving comfortably with minimal road noise.
  • SSR – the Self-Supporting Runflat tyre that keeps you on the road even if you get a puncture.
  • The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System – a technology to warn you if tyre pressure drops, ensuring your tyres perform at their optimal level.

Continental winter tyres keep you safe as houses

The www.tyres-guru.co.uk catalogue contains the full range of tyre options for all seasons, and Continental tyres are well worth their reputation. They have a solution for every need and every budget, so you need only think about what your priorities are in a quality winter tyre. When you've gotten a hold of a top quality tyre for a reasonable price, you can look for matching aluminium, or steel rims on our website.