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Can Your Truck Tyres Take the Beating of Long Drives?

Safety Above Else

We're all professionals here. And every professional wants to get the job done properly, meaning within the deadline and without headache. Having well-crafted, safe truck tyres is at the base of doing the job right. You don't want them "blowing-off steam" in the middle of the motorway on a rainy day. You want to steamroll through the adverse weather conditions, not the other way around. Take a lot of factors into consideration when choosing your new set of truck tyres.

More Load for More Value

When shopping for a brand new set of tyres for your truck or van, you will also want to pay attention to the load index. After all, this is an important safety feature of all tyres. If you require help with your tyre change, we are happy to refer you to a fitting station near you. Also note that we provide free shipping of your new tyres to all mainland UK locations.

Modern Rubber Compound for Better Fuel Efficiency

You want to buy truck tyres that are using the advances in rubber chemistry. Modern tyres for lorries have such rubber compounds that allow for a minimized internal casing temperatures, which in turn reduces the rolling resistance and wear, blessing you with both longer tyre life and better fuel efficiency.

Modern Tread Patterns for More Traction

Advancements of truck tyre production have been equally spread throughout the industry. Consequently, advanced siping has become a reality. Additional traction and lower rolling resistance have become another reality. Plus, modern casings are way easier to re-tread than before, which is almost like a return of investment.

At the tyres-guru.co.uk online store, you can choose from over 100 tyre brands. Many of these popular tyre brands do not just offer passenger car, SUV, and motorcycle tyres, but truck tyres as well. We have made it our mission to provide you with the right tyres for your safety. That is why we offer you our handy tyre configurator. Just provide the following information so that we can tell you which wheels are right for your truck:

  • Tyre size/ profile
  • Speed index
  • Axle
  • Brand

If you are unsure as to your preferred tyre brand, you can simply search for all available tyre brands. Keep in mind that we are happy to provide you with both summer tyres and winter tyres for your truck – so that you can stay safe no matter the current road conditions.

Bulk discount

If you need a larger number of truck tyres (more than 10), then please e-mail us at: mytyres@delti.com

Buy tyres online – without any risk:

  • tyres-guru.co.uk is certified with the shopsafe.co.uk label
  • We offer a 2 year warranty...
  • ...and have a 30 day return policy.