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Tyres Guru offer quality yet affordable complete wheels for your car

The tyres-guru.co.uk store is happy to bring you the tyres you need. We are proud to be working with about 100 international tyre brands. However, we do not just specialise in tyres. Instead, you can shop for complete wheel and tyre packages as well. Check out steel rims and alloy rims  at Tyres Guru. You get to decide whether you want to make steel wheels or alloy wheels with winter tyres, summer tyres, or all-season tyres. Different tyre profiles and sizes are available for purchase. After all, we want these complete wheels to be a perfect match for most kinds of vehicles. Please be sure to use our handy tyre configurator to make sure that you are shopping the right kinds of tyres for your vehicle.

Shopping for complete wheels online

Of course, VAT is included in the prices of all our complete wheel packages. If you prefer placing a separate order for alloy or steel rims for your car, you can do so as well. Make a fashion statement by choosing some cool rims for your car that perfectly match its design. There are many style options for you to choose from Tyres Guru.

Winter is coming - fight it with steel or alloy?

It's not that black and white, making the right choice between steel wheels and alloy wheels. Both suffer from winter in their own respect. As sludge, snow, debris, and puddles become more and more of an everyday endeavor, rims, if not maintained will suffer. Steel rims are generally more susceptible to corrosion, as they aren't as lacquered as the alloy rims and, during winter time, scratches easily occur, once a small stone or an icicle get stuck between the hubcap and the rim, which introduces the rust to the rim right there. On the other hand, if not maintained regularly, alloy rims can fall victim to corrosion as fast. Say, you've picked up heavy dirt on the road and you haven't noticed it. It doesn't take long for that water-salt-debris concoction to dissolve the protective layers on your alloy rims and trigger corrosion. Also, as the chances of mechanical damage increase greatly during winter, alloy rims, being less sturdy than steel rims, can get damaged more. So, depending on the road conditions that surround you, you can make a sound choice between opting for steel wheels or alloy wheels.

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