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Winter tyres - be ready for the unexpected, equip yourself for ice and snow

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Rainy Winters in Your Area? Tyres Guru has the Solution

As a general rule of thumb, winter tyres should be mounted as soon as the temperatures drop below 7 °C. It is known that winters in the UK tend to be mild, which is why winter tyres aren't a legal requirement but even such winters can be unpredictable and one should be ready for all the possible scenarios on the road. Having a lot of rain during the year can result in having ice-covered roads during winter months. That's when you could really use a set of winter tyres that are reliable. And with all sorts of unexpected weather conditions like blizzards that started happening in recent years, one can never be sure what kind of weather is on our hands the next day. To be sure that your winter tyres and even all season tyres are fit for driving in harsh winter conditions, make sure they have the M+S symbol engraved on the sidewall. You can find a wide range of such tyres on tyres-guru.co.uk swiftly and with style. Our search tool lets you filter the results of your inquiry to the smallest detail. You can choose to see only tyres with a rating higher than 4/5 stars, you can choose to display run flat tyres only, or reinforced ones, or only tyres with rim protection. Naturally, standard filters, like displaying a specific tyre size and brand only are there as well.
Fitting winter tyres has been made easier than ever. We work with over 2000 fitting stations all over the UK, so all you have to do is choose the closest and we'll send the tyres there. If you order two or more tyres, we won't charge the shipping.

Deep and groovy - tread patterns that keep us safe in snow and ice

Winter tyres are made with more grooves and sipes to ensure more contact with the surface. Sipes are those little lines you see on the tread of your tyre. Grooves are spaces between the tread blocks. All of these additional grooves help with dispersing the snow and slush faster. Tread pattern is designed in a way that the treads lead the snow to the side of the tyre so that you don't end up having the snow-filled grooves which would reduce traction. And, again, softer rubber compound helps in the individual movement of those tread blocks resulting in a better dispersion of snow and slush. Don't forget to check your tyres' pressure, though. It has to be perfect if you want to use your cold weather tyres to their full potential.

Rubber compound of winter tyres - a first stand-out detail

To ensure tyres don't stiffen in freezing conditions, contact surface of winter tyres contains more natural rubber and silica, which ensures a greater grip in winter conditions, due to having the treads flexible enough to help in dispersing snow and water. But probably the biggest advantage here is that the stopping distances are greatly reduced.

Two birds with one stone - tread design reduces the risk of aquaplaning

Because of the specific tread pattern described above, winter tyres remove water as efficiently, which is something a driver from Britain should really take into account when buying tyres online. We'd like to recommend a stand-out manufacturer when it comes to fighting rain - Uniroyal "the rain tyre". Check out the reviews and see why is this brand prides itself for being one of the best sellers of tyres in the UK.

Going abroad for holidays? Check if winter tyres are compulsory!

Depending on where you go to in Europe, you might find that having winter tyres is a legal requirement in a certain country. In some instances, you'll even be prompted to carry snow chains with you. Make sure to get informed about this before driving anywhere outside of Britain.

Prices include VAT and delivery within mainland UK (excl. Scottish Highlands).


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