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Which Summer Tyres Hug the Asphalt Even When It's Wet?

We've hand-picked a couple of stand-out models that might tickle your fancy. Our selection was based on tyres having at least four out of five stars rating for performance in wet. Take a gander at our choice, we've made sure to include both premium and value-for-money tyres:

It's Above 7 °C ? Get Summer Tyres and Stop Wasting Petrol!

In order to achieve maximized safety with improved fuel efficiency, summer tyres will be the best option for you when the temperature is above 7 °C. This is no joke. Winter tyres will wear incredibly fast in temperatures above the limit. And it's all down to the rubber compound.

Cold weather tyres have a much softer rubber mixture, enabling them to stiffen in winter conditions just enough to maintain perfect traction. That's not the case when summer conditions hit the stage. That's when these tyres start deteriorating beyond their projected wear speed. 

This is why you should switch between winter and summer tyres in warmer periods. Rubber mix and tread pattern of summer tyres are designed to deliver optimal performances in warmer months, that’s why they’re outperforming even the all season tyres when it comes to braking distance in wet. 

Especially when you take the British weather into consideration, it becomes apparent that summer tyres are utterly superior to winter and all season tyres.

To make it more black and white as to why we urge you to align the season of your tyres to the season of the year, here are a few no-brainers answering your “why should I change from winter to summer tyres?” question:

  • Higher Responsiveness – You can acquire accurate steering, particularly during hard cornering. And so you will enjoy a driving experience that is highly responsive.
  • Improved Grip – Summer tyres are specifically designed to facilitate your driving with an unsurpassed dry and wet grip as well as fantastic handling. Both the rubber mix and the tread pattern contribute greatly to this fantastic feature.
  • Increased Longevity – Above all, these summer tyres give you optimal performance while maintaining amazing longevity and fuel efficiency. So, you will have an efficient performance for a longer time period without unnecessary expenditures.

Of course, the same goes the other way around. As soon as you face the winter driving conditions you should immediately switch back to winter tyres because you don’t want to slip n’ slide down the wintry road covered in snow or ice. Rest assured, they won’t perform the same as they do on wet and dry roads.

If you find these mentioned reasons to be true in your case, then waste no time and start visualising those warm-weather tyres mounted on your vehicle. The fact that you're reading this text is already half job done. All that's left is to select one of the models we've hand-picked for you or to trust your instinct and select another tyre from our range. 

With a reputed background and proficient customer service, our store will facilitate your search on every ground. We have a complete variety of summer tyres from many tyre manufacturers, including Dunlop, Goodride, Nankang, Nexen and a lot more.

 Just tell us your requirements and we will serve you with a high-quality product that will be within your budget. Additional quality assurance is the fact that all of our tyres come with the EU tyre label, so you know what you’re buying.

Don't Want to Change the Tyres on Your Own? No Need to!

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of fitting the tyres yourself, you can choose to have them sent to a fitting station near you (we work with around 2000 fitting partners UK-wide). Also, if you live in the mainland UK, we won’t charge you the shipping costs for orders of 2 or more tyres. We’ve covered almost all tyre sizes, therefore there’s practically no vehicle that we can’t equip with a new set of tyres.

Friendly Reminder Concerning Your Safety

Should you notice that the tyre tread depth has dropped below 3mm, you should consider buying a new set of tyres as soon as possible, even though the legal limit is set at 1.6mm. This is not just coming from us but from the manufacturers as well. The difference in braking distance is incredible, as per Continental’s test. There are almost ten meters of difference between the 3 mm tread and the 1.6 mm one.

Also, don’t forget to keep the tyre pressure a bit lower in the summer because the heat will partake in additional tyre inflation, especially if your preferred road surface is the 5 PM motorway. Driving slightly under-inflated, you’re avoiding the risk of bursting your tyre and avoiding the risk of putting yourself and others in danger.

Prices include VAT and delivery within mainland UK (excl. Scottish Highlands).