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Run-Flat Tyres

Ensure Safety With Run-Flat Tyres

Are you worried about an emergency situation while driving? Do you feel a puncture really miserable? The run-flat tyres vanish such worries by enhancing safety for riders. These are exclusively designed tyres that provide safety in case of an emergency air loss or puncture. As the tyre gets deflated, the run-flat nature enables it to drive up to 100 km at a speed of 50 mph. So, a driver can easily drive to the nearest garage to get the tyres changed. So, you don’t need to wait for a mechanic or other assistance to be reached.

Exclusive Design Of Run-Flat Tyres

What makes these run-flat tyres capable of continuing their function in case of air loss? This is their exclusive design that enables them to run in such emergency cases. They are equipped with special sidewalls that aid in preventing tyre explosion after a puncture. Moreover, these tyres are mounted on special rims to ensure they will not be detached from the rims. This results in further stability and reliability during such emergencies.

In order to equip a vehicle with run-flat tyres, it is significant to install Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) so the vehicle is capable of detecting the pressure loss as well as signaling the driver about the situation. This quick display of information about the tyre’s pressure helps you being alert of the vehicle’s situation and keeps motorists at safe side.

What brand you want to use for run-flat tyres? At tyres-guru.co.uk, you are facilitated with a complete variety of tyres. The most affordable run-flat tyres prices ensure a budget-friendly solution. From Michelin, Pirelli, Nankang to Nexen, Dunlop, Kumho and a lot of other brands, we have stocked every high-quality product for your needs.

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