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Unigrip Car Tyres

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Unigrip Tyres provide incredible handling performance

About the Company:

One of the best tyre in the world, Unigrip Tyres is a part of the Treads Unlimited which is a division of the TiAuto Investments Group. The company strives to provide the best quality tyres at a very affordable price. Known for its speed and style, Unigrip Tyres offers various types of tyres for different vehicles which include passenger cars, trucks and buses and 4x4/SUV. The tyres are produced with the ultramodern materials and technology that satisfies the potential customers and also the needs of the automobile markets. Unigrip Tyres has gained a notable place in the local markets and it exports its products to all over the world. The tyres are produced with the latest technology using modern methods and machinery and has received positive assessment from its buyers. The tyre consists of excellent steering performance and driving control system.

Sample Product:

Unigrip Road Turbo HP 185 /55 R 15 82 V: The tyre consists of state-of-the-art design which enables to increases the transfer of energy to the road and along with that, it enhances the traction between the rubber compound of the tyre and the surface of the road. The tyres are designed by using a unique silica compound in order offer incredible performance. The tyre has an extensive steel belt that provides amazing performance while cornering and incredible handling properties. It has a sporty tread design which increases the handling performance and acceleration. The upgraded tread pattern enables the water to flow fast and placidly while driving through wet road conditions in order to prevent aquaplaning forces. The tyre consists of a noise- reducing system offering a quiet ride. It has an outstanding handling performance and can also perform at high speeds without causing any damage to the vehicle.