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Triangle Car Tyres

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Triangle Tyres - High Economy Tyres for Cost-Conscious Motorists

Triangle tyres are a product of the Chinese Triangle Tyre Group, company that manufactures a range of tyres for passenger cars, construction equipment and tyres fit for special purposes. The tyre manufacturer Triangle feels connected to the needs of its customers. Aware of the high car maintenance costs the manufacturer tries to bring its products to the market at a meagre price.

The Triangle range includes summer tyres optimised for wet conditions, winter tyres for winter road conditions and all-season tyres for the year-round driving comfort offered in various common rim sizes – from 14 to 17 inches. The neutral handling of the Triangle tyres and the good ride comfort is for many motorists a performance package with a good price-performance ratio.

Triangle tyres are still not well known in the European market. In other parts of the world, the company is already successfully selling tyres and exporting its products to more than 160 countries from its headquarters in Shandong. However, with the target audience, the company is focused on is enough to give Triangle a regular place also in Europe’s marketplace. Above all, cost-conscious motorists will hardly be able to get past this brand and at least have a look at the various Triangle tyres.

Most of the range, more than 28 million pieces, are different radial tyres in more than 160 dimensions. The company is the largest producer in China and ranks among the top 20 largest tyre manufacturers in the world. The production is ISO-certified. The brand is a popular automotive supplier and has strategic collaborations with other manufacturers such as Caterpillar, Goodyear, Volvo and a variety of other companies. Also, Triangle supplies many automakers such as Hyundai, GM, Suzuki and Nissan.

Triangle tyres are constantly developed through ongoing quality improvement and innovation. The company strives to achieve high growth rates and to have up-to-date production facilities to satisfy customer needs and to consistently pursue its research and development.

As a budget tyre, the performance of tyres cannot reach the top performance of premium products. However, those who can live with small compromises, Triangle tyres on the UK roads are satisfying. Order Triangle tyres at favourable prices at tyres-guru.co.uk.