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Superia Car Tyres

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About the Company

Superia Tyres are one of the best tyres which was established in the year of 1994 by the China Tyres Distribution Ltd. In the year of 2014, Superia Tyres has sold more than 4.5 million tyre sets and the company exports its products all over the world. The company believes in three core values to assist the consumers which includes providing the best quality product and customer service experience, maintain trust with the partner companies and providing support to the consumers even after the product is bought. Within few years, the company has risen to a prominent position in the international markets and now is one of the popular tyre brands all over the world. The Superia Tyres has gained many global certifications which includes Economic Commission for Europe, International Organization for Standardization, Japan Industrial Standard, GCC Standardization Organization, and much more.

Sample Product

Superia RS 300 215/ 70 R 15 98 H TL: This is passenger car tyre that is a part of the summer tyres. The tyre consists of state- of- the- art design which enables to increases the transfer of energy to the road and along with that, it enhances the traction between the rubber compound of the tyre and the surface of the road. The tyres are designed by using a special tyre of silica compound in order to maintain good performance. The tyre has a large steel belt that provides amazing performance while cornering and incredible handling properties. It has an incredible tread design which increases the handling performance and acceleration of the tyre. The optimized tread pattern enables the water to disperse fast and placidly while driving through wet road conditions in order to prevent aquaplaning forces.