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Marshal Car Tyres

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About Marshal tyres

Marshal tyres are an established tyre brand in the European market and in many other countries. It has been in operation for over 25 years. The range of tyres offered by Marshall covers all types of vehicles from compact cars to heavy trucks. All the products are made using the latest technologies and manufacturing facilities.

Features of Marshal tyres

The summer tyres offered by Marshal include the Matrac series FX-MU11, XM-KH35, MH11 and MU19. The Matrac FX MU11 is designed to offer high performance, better wet traction and handling, hydroplaning resistance and maximum stability in the corners. The XM KH35 Marshal tyres come with a sporty look and performance that offers better ride comfort, wet performance and fuel economy.

Specifications of Marshal tyres

The Matrac MH11 tyres are designed to suite wheel sizes from 13 to sixteen inches with tyre specifications ranging from 175/60 to 215/65 (width/height) and 77 H to 100 V load and speed indexes. The FX-MU11 tyres sold at the tyres-guru.co.uk website suits 14 to 20 inch rims with specifications 185/ 55 to 255/ 35 and 80V to 101 Y. The tyre specifications for Matrac XM KH35 are from 185/55 to 255/35 width/height and load and speed indexes from 80H to 101W. These Marshal tyres are made to fit wheel sizes ranging from 14 to 18 inches. The FX-MU19 tyre specifications for 17 to 19 inch rims are from 225/45 to 235/35 with 94Y to 100Y load and speed indexes.