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Laufenn Car Tyres

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Laufenn Tyres are affordable with impressive performance

About the company:

Laufenn Tyres is one of the best European tyres that produces state- of- the- art tyres with unique designs. Laufenn Tyres is produced by the well-known tyre company, Hankook tyre located in Hungary. The company has distributed the Laufenn Tyres keeping in mind the Australian transportation market. They use the most modern and advanced technologies to produce high-quality tyres within affordable prices. They place a high focus on keeping the costs low while maintaining high quality and good performance of the products. As a result, they are able to produce cheap car tyres, cheap high-performance tyres, cheap SUV tyres etc. Their products are exported worldwide and as a result, they have gained international recognition.

Sample Product:

Laufenn S Fit as 225/ 45 Z R 17 XL: With a load index of 91 and a ply rating of 4, the tyre is an incredible all-season tyre. The tyre is known to have a speed symbol of W which means that it can travel at a maximum speed of around 270 km/h. The tyre consists of large circumferential grooves that causes the water to flow to disperse fast and placidly when driving through wet road conditions and preventing any sort of aquaplaning forces. It features a unique tread pattern that enables better grip on wet roads and the new polymer technology of the tyre allows better traction between the surface of the road and the rubber compound of the tyre. The tyre has minor level of rolling resistance providing better fuel economy and absorbs more energy by internal friction of the tread and casing while the tyre is in motio. With a noise decreasing system, you can enjoy peaceful rides.