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Haida Car Tyres

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Why use Haida tyres?

Haida tyres are the leading manufacturer of passenger and commercial vehicle tyres that is located in the western region of China in Sichuan. The Haida Rubber Group brings out 4 major brands of: Passage, Cajyuang, Haida and Yinlu. All these tyres are researched, developed, manufactured and marketed by Haida Rubber. They are the budget tyres you can find for your cars.

Haida Tyres- features

The Haida winter tyres HD611 has a deeper tread pattern and zig-zag steel pieces to offer better braking and water dispersion on ice, snow, mud and other bad road condition. The green tyres manufactured by Haida tyres are the HD668. This tyre features optimal design with extra use of silica tread compound to boost safety, fuel economy and low noise. The ultra high-performance tyres offered by Haida are HD919 and HD 608. These tyres offer top end safety and luxurious and comfortable ride. The anti-skid compound and V-shaped pattern of HD 919 offers excellent road grip and performance on wet and dry roads. The HD 667 summer tyres are designed to offer shorter braking, better steering, road stability and improved mileage.

Tyre specifications - Haida tyres

The UHP HD 608 tyres sold at tyres-guru.co.uk fit wheel size 14 and 15 inches. The width/ height, load and speed indexes of 14 inch rims are: 175 /60 79H, 185/60 82H and 195/60 86H. The tyre specifications of HD608 Haida tyres that suits 15 inch wheels are 195/65 91H and 195/60 88V. The UHP HD919 tyres have designed to fit rim sizes 17, 18 and 20 inches. The specifications for 18 inch and 20 inch rims are: 235/40 with 91W and 95 W (XL) and 245/35 91Y and 95W (XL) respectively.