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Gripmax Car Tyres

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Gripmax Tyres provide best handling performance

About the Company:

Gripmax Tyres are produced in the South Africa by the Treads Unlimited and it is endorsed by the TiAuto Group. The company specializes in producing tyres for SUVs and 4x4. The Gripmax Tyres are manufactured maintaining the strictest standards with an additional focus on producing high-quality products. The tyre performs very well in both wet and dry road conditions and can also drive smoothly through wintery and snowy conditions. Each tyre is tested individually and then given a rating for its fuel efficiency, handling ability in wet conditions and noise dissipation. The company has earned certifications from many international standards such as the US DOT Certification, the INMETRO certification from Brazil, GCC certification, CCC certification.

Sample Product:

The Gripmax All-Terrain is an ultra-performance tyre with wide and enclosed grooves of the tyre offer excellent aquaplaning system enabling the water to flow really smoothly while driving the car through wet road conditions. The tread pattern of the tyre enables excellent traction on both wet and dry road conditions. The tyre consists of aggrandized blocks at its shoulder, which provides an increased level of stiffness. Moreover, the compact shoulder blocks enable the tyre to have better cornering stability and exceptional short-braking distance. The tyre features remarkable steering and braking performance along with ultra-high- performance. The rubber compound of the tyre has a great cincture with the road, especially on wet road conditions. The tyre has amazing steer ability in both wet and dry road conditions. Budget- friendly and reliable, the tyre has high stability and flexibility. It features an improved cornering performance and a noise decreasing technology. It is long- lasting and provides extreme comfort and safety.