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Fullrun Car Tyres

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Fullrun Tyres provide low level of rolling resistance

About the Company:

Established in the year of 2003, the Fullrun Tyres is one of the best Chinese tyres developed by the Qindao Fullrun Tyre Corp.,Ltd. The company have gained international recognition over the years due to its high-quality products. The tyres are produced maintaining the strictest standards and after production is run through various tests to ensure the quality of the product. Due to such strict standards the company has achieved the status to be used internationally anywhere in the world. Their wide product range includes passenger car tyres, SUV tyres, bus tyres, truck tyres etc. The Fullrun Tyres has earned certifications from many international standards such as the US DOT Certification, the INMETRO certification from Brazil, GCC certification, CCC certification etc.

Sample Product:

195/55R15 FULLRUN SUPER HP 85H: It is a high-performance tyre which consists of a special tread compound that enables the vehicle to have maximum control while driving and increases the traction between the rubber compound of the tyre and the surface of the road. The extensive circumferential grooves of the tyre causes the water to flow to disperse fast and placidly while driving through wet road conditions which in turn averts the risk of hydroplaning. The tyre features remarkable steering and braking performance and can also perform smoothly at very high speeds in all kinds of roads without causing any kind of distortion. The tyre has minor level of rolling resistance providing better fuel economy and absorbs more energy by internal friction of the tread and casing while the tyre is in motion. It has a noise reducing system which allows a quiet and comfortable ride. The tyre is known to provide a comfortable and safe rides even in rugged roads.