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Farroad Tyres

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Farroad tyres are produced by the Chinese tyre manufacturer Shandong Fengyuan Tire Manufacturing Co. Ltd. They are relatively new, therefore worthy of keeping an eye on, as they are surely offering great deals at low prices in an effort to shoulder their way into the market. These tyres are already available worldwide, in both Europe and USA, as well as in other 67 countries. On their way to providing excellence at an affordable price, Shandong Fegyuang have managed to obtain certifications for all the markets they're present in: ISO9001 quality system certification, the European GCC certification, the United States DOT certification, TS16949 certification,, ECE certification, certification, Brazil Inmetro certification, China CCC compulsory certification.

Farroad Tyre Types

The range of Farroad tyres is quite impressive for such a young company. You can get tyres for passenger cars, SUVs, commercial vehicles, as well as High Performance and Ultra High-Performance summer tyres and specialised winter tyres. The FRD66 model is a brilliant all season SUV tyre. Siped central ribs and multiple blade groove pattern ensure better grip in wet, while the compact shoulder design improves handling and augments the overall robustness of the tyres.

Farroad - An Award-Winning Tyre Producer

Farroad tyre have already started making their name in the Chinese market by winning three national quality awards already. It comes to no surprise, as the production is conducted with the use of advanced international manufacturing and testing equipment.
Mass-production without sacrificing the quality is constantly achieved, as Fengyuan company managed to produce 10 million semi-steel radial tyres by the end of December 2015.

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