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Achilles Car Tyres

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If it is time to replace the worn out car tyres, then there is no better option than Achilles Tyres. You can shop for the wide varieties of car tyres online by visiting our site.

History of Achilles Tyres

Achilles is a very popular tyre brand all over the world. This Indonesian tyre brand was born from PT. Multistrada Arah Sarana (MASA), the tyre manufacturing factory in Indonesia in 1998. The quality and widest variety of Achilles tyres soon caught the attention all over the world and it became a huge player in the global tyre market. MASA launched Achilles to give a tough fight to other popular tyre brands. With innovative techniques and by the use of better technology, MASA is able to come out with various kinds of tyres to meet the specific needs of the customers. With experienced personnel, visionary management, MASA is able to offer state-of–the-art tyres for cars, buses, trucks and industrial vehicles.

Achilles Tyres on Offer

There are a wide variety of tyres on offer from MASA under the brand name Achilles. There are specific passenger tyres to suit various weather conditions and vehicle specifications like sedans, SUVs, etc. There is no dearth of collection for the commercial vehicle and multi van segments as well as the truck and bus segments.

Technical Specifications of Achilles Tyres

  • The tyres offer all weather grip and hence suited to meet all weather and road conditions.
  • The quality tyres will offer you great stability even at high speeds.
  • The passengers in the car will enjoy great travelling comfort.
  • With improved contact area, there is no worry about hydroplaning.
  • It offers greater braking performance because of more tread area.
  • You will find 175/60 R50, 165/50 R16, 165/40 R16, 165/45 R15, 205/40 ZR17, 195/45 R16, etc. width, profile, Rim size respective car tyres from Achilles.
  • The tyres offer E or F EU label fuel efficiency, C or E EU label wet grip and 70 to 73 dB EU label noise levels.

Why People Prefer Achilles Tyres?

Tyres are very important for a car and hence you need to carefully choose the tyres. Achilles Tyres are the number one tyres in the business and they will go through the regular wear and tear without any hassles. These tyres will last longer than other ordinary tyres. If you are replacing your car tyres, then it is ideal that you opt to replace all the four tyres with Achilles. The following are the reasons why people prefer these tyres.

  • The tyres undergo rigorous testing and offer great performance on the road.
  • The tyres are offered with a warranty.
  • They are made with high quality rubber and can easily withstand the daily wear and tear for many kilometres.

Why Buy Achilles Tyres Online?

By buying Achilles Tyres from the online stores you are sure to get the tyres at attractive prices. You can buy Achilles Tyres online from reputed stores like Tirendo. Vehicle owners now prefer to buy Achilles online from authorised dealers as it is more convenient and quicker buying option than buying it from the supply outlets. The fact that you can buy Achilles Tyre online 24 hours a day without needing to worry about closing timings of the shop has made more and more people buy them online.