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Westlake Car Tyres

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Why choose Westlake tyres?

Westlake is the leading tyre manufacturer in China that was established in the year 1958. All the Westlake tyres reach their dealerships after undergoing stringent quality inspections. The experienced engineers and the international research and development team work closely together to come out with quality tyres to suit various cars. Every single tyre is finally inspected by hand at the highest quality control standards before they are dispatched for sales.

Westlake tyres- features

The summer tyres offered by Westlake are SP06 and SA07. The touring tyres that offer great riding comfort are RP28 and RP 18 winter tyres. The SP06 tyre is an all season tyre that has stable tread blocks at the center to offer better road grip and tread life. The shoulder swipes are enhanced to give even wear and tear. The premium SA07 sedan tyres come with quality silica tread compound for superior handling in corners. The RP28 is the premium touring tyre with computerized tread design to offer low rolling resistance, better fuel efficiency and quick water repulsion.

Specifications of Westlake tyres

The SP06 Westlake tyres with M+S marking comes to tyre width/height 165/60 and 75T load and speed indexes for 14 inch rims. The SA07 race car tyres come suited for 18 inch wheels with tyre specifications 245 width profile, 50 height profile, 100 load index and speed index Y. The Westlake RP28 tyre sold at tyres-guru.co.uk fits 15 inch wheel sizes. The tyre specifications of RP 28 are; 175/60 width/ height, 81 weight index and H speed index. The RP18 tyres come with specifications 235/60 width / height profile, 100 load index and H speed index that are suited for 18 inch rims.