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Syron Car Tyres

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About the Company

Syron Tyres is a brand based on the Keskin Tuning Europa GmbH Company. Syron Tyres specializes in producing high-performance tyres. By the year 2004 Syron Tyres had a huge number of successes and gained a lot of recognition in the tyre industry. As a result of these consecutive successes, it also began producing ultra-high-performance tyres. The company’s huge number of products range from car tyres to motorcycle tyres to truck tyres for all weathers including summer and winter.

The Manufacturing Process

All the products of the company go through rigorous testing processes and continuous inspection to ensure the best quality of products. The tyres also go through weather tests under various conditions to provide high performance in all weathers. The company has completed the requirements for TU and TUV certifications and received these certifications from the German Association for Technical Inspection. Moreover, the manufacturing process of all Syron Tyres is designed such that they have a minimal effect on the environment. All tyres are produced following the EU guidelines and all the materials used in the production process are environmentally compatible.


The products of the company have made appearances in the “Promobil” and “Lastauto Omnibus” magazines. “Promobil” and “Lastauto Omnibus” are two of the biggest names among quality inspection magazines. The Syron Everest 1 tyre was announced the winner in “Best value for money” category. The Everest 1 has also achieved the best ratings in the “external rolling noise “category. As a result, it is one of the most popular products of the company. The company is progressing with high acceleration gaining new achievements and manufacturing new products with highly innovative designs.