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Routeway Car Tyres

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Routeway Tyres provides excellent stability and performance

About the Company:

Founded in the year of 2009, within a few years, the Routeway Tyres has become of the top tyre manufacturing company in the world. The company produces high quality tyre and exports its products to various countries in Europe, North America, South America, Middle-East, Southeast Asia, Australia and Africa. The company has also been approved by several organizations which includes ISO 9001, The U.S. Department of Transportation, the Economic Commission for Europe and the GNU Compiler Collection. The company offer different types of tyres all kinds of vehicles such as passenger cars, trailer vans, trucks, buses and SUV/ 4x4. The primary goal of the Routeway Tyre is to produce high- performance tyre with the latest and innovative technology according to the preference of the consumers and the needs of the automobile markets.

Sample Product:

Routeway RW 155 12 R 22.5 PR 18: The tyre prevents the risk of aquaplaning forces and features remarkable wear resistance. The tyres perform smoothly at very high speeds in all kinds of roads without causing any kind of distortion. It consists of a continuous solid center rib which increases its stability while driving along with improved grooves and a bead profile design. It also has continuous tread blocks in both of its shoulders. The tyre provides excellent stability and performance in wet road conditions. It offers improved handling properties and has a noise reducing system enabling a quiet drive. The tyres go through a strict and thorough testing process before being supplied to the automobile markets. It has a noise reducing system which allows a quiet and comfortable ride. It is a budget- friendly and sustainable tyre that can perform well in both wet and dry road conditions. It is resistant to wear and tear and consists of high stability and durability.