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Minerva Car Tyres

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Popularity of Minerva Tyres

Minerva, a renowned car brand in Europe, is also known for the quality and preciseness tyres that they manufacture. The company believes in delivering quality and precision ridden tyres for its consumers. This is why all Minerva tyres made to suit varying weather conditions like summer, winter or all season tyres are most suited for the different kinds of vehicles you use.

Minerva Tyres and Its Features

The popular car summer tyres offered by Minerva are: 109, F105, F107, F109, F110, RF07 and RFT F 108. These Minerva tyres offer great stability, shorter braking distances, excellent wet and dry grips and better handling in the corners, thanks to its high quality rubber with silica compound and tread pattern. The winter tyres from Minerva include stud less S110, S210, S220, S310 and studded tyres like Eco stud and Eco stud SUVs. All these tyres offer very good traction on snowy and icy roads and also offer great riding comfort and low noise.

Specifications of Minerva Tyres

The F109 tyres sold at tyres-guru.co.uk is offered as 45 to 65 series that suits rim sizes 14” to 17”. The tyre widths range from 185 to 225, 77 to 102 load indexes and J, H, V and T speed indexes. The winter tyres from Minerva come suited for 13 to 16 inch wheels with tyre dimensions 165 to 225 in width, 50 to 80 in height, 73 to 115 in load indexes and H, R and T speed ratings.