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Matador Car Tyres

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About Matador Tyres

Matador is in the car tyre business for about 90 years now and is producing some of the best tyres for all types of cars. You will find best quality Matador tyres to suit both summer and winter road conditions for your mid-range or high-end passenger cars.

Matador Tyre Types and Its Features

The summer tyres offered by Matador are: MP44 Elite 3, MP 16 Stella, MP46 Hectorra 2 and MP47 Hectorra 3. The MP16 Stella 2 is ideal tyres for small and medium-sized cars with features like: shorter braking distances, excellent wet and dry road grip and reduced road noise. TheMP44 Elite 3 tyres are suited for medium to large sized passenger cars with characteristics like: tread stability, excellent steering precision and comfort. The MP46 Hectorra 2 and MP47 Hectorra 3 tyres are UHP tyres for luxury cars with reduced wear and noise, excellent braking on wet and dry conditions and road-friendly tread pattern. The MP 54 and MP92 Sibir Snow winter tyres offers high end grip during winter conditions.

Matador Tyre Specifications

The MP16 Stella 2 Matador tyres suited for summer conditions are designed to fit rim sizes from 13” to 15” with section width: 145 to 195, aspect ratio: 55 to 80, load index 71 to 89 and speed index rating of T and H. The MP44 Elite 3 tyres sold at tyres-guru.co.uk has specifications: 185 to 225 width, 55 to 65 heights, 82 to 99 load index and V, w and H speed ratings. The Sibir Snow Matador tyres suited for winter suit wheel size 15 to 18 inches, 185 to 245 tyre width, 40 to 60 tyre height, 82 to 100 load and H, V and T speed indexes.