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Jinyu Car Tyres

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Why Jinyu tyres?

Jinyu Tyres is based in Hong Kong and has been a leading business in the tyre manufacturing industry for the past 20 years. The company uses all the latest and the advanced tyre production machines and techniques to develop tyres that offers better comfort, road grip and driving characteristics.

Features of Jinyu tyres

The summer tyres on offer from Jinyu are: YU63 and YH11. The YH11 is suited for all season and offers great performance and handling on wet and dry road conditions. These Jinyu tyres are offered with optimal design pattern so that the noise level inside is very less. There are 4 longitudinal grooves that will help in draining water from its surface quickly. The crown and the shoulder have lateral grooves to increase the traction and stability in corners and on plain roads. The Jinyu YU63 is a summer tyre that has a premium silica compound in it that will help in reducing the rolling resistance and offer better fuel efficiency. The enhanced center rib with asymmetric tread pattern helps in offering better road handling and grip on wet and dry roads with shorter braking distances.

Specifications of Jinyu tyres

The Jinyu YU63 summer tyre for sale at tyres-guru.co.uk comes suited for 121 inch wheels. The tyre specifications are: 285 tyre width and 35 tyre height with a maximum load index rating of 105 and speed rating Y. This means the maximum speed it can travel is 300 km/h. The EU tyre label rating reads: C wet grip and fuel efficiency and 73 dB noise levels. The YH11 Jinyu summer tyres suited for 13 inch wheels come with specifications: 155/65 (width/height), 73 load index and T speed index. You can get same ay delivery and free shipping for these Jinyu tyres when you buy from Tyres Guru. There will be no compromise on the quality of the tyres sold here, even if it is offered at the lowest prices in the city.