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Heidenau Car Tyres

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Why Heidenau Tyres?

Heidenau tyres are a name that is synonymous to motorcycle tyres. No mater you need tyres for higher speeds, better cornering, wet grip or smooth rides, you will find all on offer from Heidenau. This company makes use of the latest technologies and tyre making equipments and quality raw materials to bring out the best tyres you want.

Heidenau Tyres Types and Features

There are plenty of motorcycle tyre varieties you will come across from Heidenau tyres namely: street tyres, vintage tyres, dual sport tyres, race tyres and motocross tyres. The side tyres have a larger contact area on the ground to ensure better stability. The vintage summer tyres have the perfect vintage tread pattern with modern features to offer great road handling. The dual sport and moto-cross tyres are designed with a better block profile and modern technology to offer great comfort and ride.

Specifications of Heidenau Tyres

The Heidenau tyres K29, K28 and K45 for street roads are offered with specifications ranging from 2.75 to 4.00 from 16, 18 and 19 inch wheels with load and speed indexes ranging from 42S to 71P. The vintage K32, K36, K39, K40 and K44 tyres you find at tyres-guru.co.uk come in sizes 2.50 to 4.00 for 16, 18 and19 inch rims with 45P to 64H ratings. The Heidenau P29 comes with tyre dimensions: 5.00 for 16 inch rim with 76 load index and speed rating of P.