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Gremax Car Tyres

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Gremax Tyres provide comfort and safety ride

About the Company:

Gremax Tyres is one of the best tyre companies in the world where the company manufactures high quality tyres with excellent technology that enables to provide optimum performance. The company is a part of Crown tyre Industrial Co., Ltd, which has experience in producing tyres for about 15 years. The tyre company supplies its products to over 35 countries all around the world.

Most of the Gremax Tyres consists of lopsided tread design which enables the automobile to drive at straight lines and offers mind blowing cornering performance. The tyre consists of two circumferential grooves which maximizes the contact of the rubber compound with the road when the automobile is passing through wet road conditions. On the other hand, the manifold lateral grooves of the tyre causes the automobile to travel at short decelerating distance in both wet and arid road conditions.

Sample Product:

GREMAX CAPTURAR CF3: The tyre has a horizontal tread profile that helps to maximize the cohesion and precision of steering. The tyre is resistant to any kind of slits, cuts, jabs, perforations and leaks. The multi radius tread increases the distribution of pressure within the contact patch at the surface. This in turn causes the automobile to perform excellent cornering speeds. The Gremax Dunlop Tyres adhere to the decree and the modulations of the European Union. It also has a logo of the European Union which was developed in order to progress ameliorate of the productivity of the economy and ecology and offer safety in roads. This symbol is only awarded to tyres that have gone through meticulous testing processes and passed all tests successfully.