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General Car Tyres

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Popularity of General tyres

General tyres have been in the tyre manufacturing industry for over 100 years. It is part of the popular Continental tyre manufacturing group. This is the best tyre manufacturer to depend on for all kinds of passenger car tyres or SUV and 4x4 tyres. All the tyres are brought into the market after undergoing rigorous lab tests. With such a huge legacy, you will always find a reliable partner in the General tyre.

Features of General tyres

The summer tyres offered by General tyre are Altimax Sport and Altimax Comfort. They are suited for middle class and compact cars and MPVs. The tyres are designed to offer shorter braking distance, better steering response on wet and dry roads, improved fuel efficiency and even wear and tear. The winter tyres offered by General for cars are the Altimax Winter Plus, Altimax Nordic and Altimax Arctic 12. The features of these tyres are: aquaplaning resistance and optimal traction on snowy and icy roads with great cornering stability.

General tyres – specifications

The Altimax Comfort and Sport General tyres come suited for 13 to 16 inch wheels. The tyre specifications for: 13 inch wheels are from 135/80 70T to 175/70 82T, 14 inches from 155/65 75T to 195/70 91T, 165/65 81T to 215/65 96T for 15 inches and 205/60 92V to 215/60 99V read as weight /height profile and speed and load index respectively. The Altimax winter plus tyres sold at tyres-guru.co.uk are made to suit 14 to 18 inch rims. The tyre specifications range from 165/70 81T to 185/65 86T for 14 inches, 175/65 84T to 205/65 94T for 15 inches, 195/55 87H to 225/55 99H for 16 inches and 225/45 94H to 225/55 101V for 17 inches respectively.