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Dayton Car Tyres

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Dayton Tyres stops aquaplaning forces

About the company

Dayton Tyres is produced by one of the largest tyre manufacturing company, Bridgestone tyres. Dayton Tyres was established by the owner, John C. Hooven in the year of 1905, at the city of Hamilton, in the state of Ohio in United States of America. John was a retired soldier and he was interested in various areas like modernization of agriculture etc. The company offer different types of tyres all kinds of vehicles such as passenger cars, trailer vans, trucks, buses and SUV/ 4x4. The primary goal of the company is to produce high- performance tyre with the latest and innovative technology according to the preference of the consumers and the needs of the automobile markets.

Sample Product

Dayton DT30 175/ 70 R13 Load 82 SR T TL: The tyre is known to have a dual offset rib in the interior part of the tyre. This helps to maximize the cohesion of the tyre and provides an easy response while driving. The tyre consists of a unique rubber which enables to boost the traction of the tyre along with the road. There are two large vertical grooves that helps to increase the safety when you are driving the automobile through placid road conditions by letting the water flow fast and placidly which eventually stops the aquaplaning forces. There is a shoulder block with many edges in the tyres along with extraneous sipes that enables to provide a minor level of rolling resistance which in turn offers a better fuel economy and consumes more energy by the intramural friction of the tyre. The tyre has extraordinary handling performance and has a mind-blowing grip in wet roads.