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Centara Car Tyres

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Centara Tyres are manufactured with innovative technologies

About the company:

Centara Tyres is one the optimum quality tyre that has its offices in different parts of United States of America and Canada. The target customers of Kingstar tyres are people who are looking for mid-range tyres with high quality and safety. All tyres manufactured at the company undergo strict tests to ensure quality and hence offer quality products at affordable prices. The company has future plans to expand their business by producing more products with a greater range of size and patterns. After the manufacturing process is completed all the products are tested under various conditions to ensure that the product is up to the mark. Centara Tyres has also gained many individual certifications. The company sells the products in reasonable prices. The tyre provide high performance, and they are produced by using the latest technologies in the manufacturing process. Over the years, the company has expanded internationally.

Sample Product:

Centara Vanti Winter 185/ 70 R 14 88 T: It is a winter tyre for passenger cars. The inner pattern is such that it provides easier handling in wet areas and the outer pattern is designed in such a way that it increases comfort and steering ability. There is also a nylon cap which increases safety and satisfaction. As the tyre is made of low-oild tread compound that has excellent quality silica, it effectively reduces the braking distances. It also provides small levels of rolling resistance and great cincture on wet roads. The tread blocks of the tyre offer provide less vibration to the trailer and offer stable contact with the surface of the road. The tyre enables the vehicle to drive at high speeds without causing any sort of malformation and it can withstand in extreme hot climatic conditions.