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Boto Car Tyres

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Boto Tyres – No Compromise on Safety

Boto tyres are premium quality tyres at an affordable price, in other words, an excellent value. Situated in Cina’s Shandong Province, Boto Tyres as part of the Wanda Baotong Tyre Co., Ltd. produces a full range of passenger car, OTR and truck and bus tyres for loaders, backhoes, graders, cranes, dump trucks and other applications. Established in 2004, Boto has gradually expanded its product range and built a strong customer base through solid quality work and technological development. Today, it distributes tyres in Europe, Asia and North America.

Durability is an important aspect, and products must meet strict quality standards before they reach the market. The company is continually developing new models and concepts and increasing the workforce in the technical area to be able to offer a wide range of products at reasonable prices.

The series of Boto tyres that stand out in the area of passenger cars is the WH. The tyres efficiently drain water when it's wet. The profile ensures that the pressure of the tyre is balanced and you always have good grip, even when cornering.

Safety is one of the most critical aspects of making new models and one area where this manufacturer makes no compromises. Car tyres are often exposed to a lot of wear when taking a curve at high speed. Boto has developed an asymmetrical profile that provides even wear and tear and minimises the risk of aquaplaning.

For instance, the tyres of the BT series are ideal for those who frequently drive in muddy conditions or when there is a lot of snow on the road. This tyre is perfect for running on country roads and over lengthy uneven road surfaces. Despite the width of the tyres they drive quietly and thanks to new technology, the tyre is never overheated. The used technology contributes to the durability of the tyres for which Boto tyres are known

Through regular internal auditing and mutual Boto tyres review activities, the personnel of this tyre brand supervise the implementation of every specific detail.

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