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Barum Car Tyres

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Barum tyres – because value has a quality all its own

Do you want more car tyre for your money? Simply choose Barum tyres, from Tyres Guru. Member of the Continental family, this Czech brand is a core part of the German giant’s strategy. Its purpose is to represent a European alternative to the flood of Oriental brands in the budget tyre sector.

Drawing numerous benefits from Continental’s massive technological expertise, Barum tyres are much more than cheap tyres – these truly are products that deliver value, rather than simply a low purchase price. Quality is an essential part of the package, making Barum tyres an excellent choice for the economy-oriented British customer.

Get more into the bargain, with Barum tyres from Tyres Guru

Barum summer tyres are diverse enough to cater for most motoring needs. The Barum Brillantis and Brillantis 2 are great all-round models for small and compact vehicles – and, deservedly, among the best-selling Barum tyres. For compact and mid-sized family cars, we also recommend the efficient Barum Bravuris 2 and Bravuris 3HM. The Barum Bravuris 4x4 and Bravuris 3HM SUV are capable 4x4 tyres, and the Barum Vanis and Vanis 2 would work brilliantly on your van or caravan.

Barum winter tyres are just as attractive, especially with the excellent tyre deals you can get at Tyres Guru. The Barum Polaris 3 and Polaris 3 4x4 will prove inexpensive, yet steadfast companions through the worst of weather. Barum tyres for transporters who need to keep working in harsh winter conditions are also available – namely, the very advantageous Barum Snovanis and Snovanis 2.

You can always find the largest diversity of cheap and budget tyres online at tyres-guru.co.uk – as well as eco, performance, and premium tyres, all at competitive prices!