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Avon Car Tyres

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Competent, reliable, and well-priced - Avon tyres from Tyres Guru

Avon tyres proudly bear the livery of an old British brand, with a history of manufacturing car tyres going back well over a century. Today, the maker is owned by the Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, but has never abandoned its design and manufacturing philosophy – good products at fair prices.

Diversity is certainly one of the brand’s strengths. Whatever your needs, you will find a broad range of Avon tyres online at tyres-guru.co.uk. The variety of tyre sizes for all models will prove equally satisfactory. Avon summer and winter tyres are worthy candidates for your shopping list, and our excellent tyre deals will make your decision even easier.

Ready for any journey – buy online the latest Avon tyres

If you are interested in affordable, quality rubber for the warm season, Avon summer tyres may well be the answer. The Avon ZT5 is perfectly suited for everyday use on small to mid-sized family cars. For vehicles ranging from compacts to luxury saloons, the Avon ZV5 delivers a strong mix of all-round performance, driving comfort, and resilience.

The Avon ZV3 has a more dynamic character, and is a natural choice for luxury saloons. If you need to keep even more power under control, the Avon ZZ3 and ZZ5 are the right tools for sports car enthusiasts. The Avon Turbosteel and Turbospeed series blend driving prowess and comfort, making them the perfect Avon tyres for luxury performance vehicles.

For cold-weather driving, we can also offer you a range of Avon winter tyres. The well-known Avon Ice Touring series, as well as the Ice Touring ST performance-oriented variants, are always available. For SUVs and light trucks, the Avon Ranger Ice 4x4 tyres are just what you need.

Tyres Guru provides excellent deals for Avon tyres and many other products - eco, premium and cheap tyres, all at the best prices!