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Aptany Car Tyres

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Aptany Tyres produces high quality tyre only for you

About the company:

The Aptany Tyres is a part of the Wanli Tyre Company which is of the leading tyre companies in the world. The Aptany Tyres has made its mark, especially in the United States of America and for more than 25 years, the company has exported its products to various countries in Asia, North America and Europe. The industrial plant of the company is located in Conghua district of Guangzhou city in China. The Aptany tyres are one of the best tyres available. The company sells both expensive and budget-range cars. The company excels in providing the best customer experience possible. The company has risen to a prominent position in the international markets and now is one of the popular tyre brands all over the world. The tyres are produced with the latest technology using modern methods and machinery and have received a positive assessment from its buyers.

Sample Product:

APTANY RA301 205/ 45 Z R 17 XL 88 W: The tyre has a horizontal tread profile that helps to maximize the cohesion and precision of steering. The tyre is resistant to any kind of slits, cuts, jabs, perforations and leaks. The multi-radius tread increases the distribution of pressure within the contact patch at the surface. This, in turn, causes the automobile to perform excellent cornering speeds. The tyre provides a minor level of rolling resistance and great cincture in wet road conditions. The tread blocks of the tyre offer provides less vibration to the trailer and offers stable contact with the surface of the road. The tyre enables the vehicle to drive at high speeds without causing any sort of malformation and it can withstand in extreme hot climatic conditions.